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Fred Waldstein - Founder, CEO & Managing Director.
Fred Waldstein - Founder, CEO & Managing Director.

Mr. Waldstein has over 30 years of experience in IC sales and support. He began as FAE for Zilog in 1977. Held various positions in applications, marketing, sales and management of the industry.

Represented and worked with the leading VLSI, FPGA, IP and EDA manufacturers

Till lately in charge of Toshiba Semiconductors activities in Israel.

Has a unique experience in ASSPís for Communications, Image Processing and various aspects of ASICís design and manufacturing.

Fred holds BSc from Haifa Technion and MSc from Ben-Gurion University Beer-Sheva in Physics.

Yoel Yogev - President.
Yoel Yogev - COO.

After successful carrier in Electronics Design and Project Management, Mr. Yogev moved to sales working in various Sales and Support capacities with Intel, Philips, IDT and several others.

He established El-Gev, one of the most successful Israeli electronic components sales/distribution organizations. To-day Mr Yogev shares his time and experience between El-Gev and FRESH.

Yoel holds BSc in Electronics Engineering from Haifa Technion.

Irit Kotler Ė Director of Customer Service & Logistics.
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