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Smart Image Sensors

AnaFocus design and commercializes an innovative type of vision systems-on-a-chip which goes a step further regarding the exploitation of CMOS processing capabilities. Our products are not just cameras but true vision devices. They are designed to contain on a single chip all the structures needed for:

  • Capturing (sensing) images
  • Enhancing sensor operation
  • Performing spatio-temporal processes on the image flow
  • Interpreting the information contained in the image flow
  • Supporting decision-making based on the outcome of that interpretation

This variety of structures are arranged into a bio-inspired architecture and powered by embedded RISC processor cores. Some relevant features of the vision chips are:

  • Truly mixed-signal architecture, with processing realized by following a hierarchical flow
  • Huge computational power with low-power consumption
  • General-purpose, all-in-one architecture including processors, memories, data conversion, control and communication peripherals
  • Large operational flexibility which allow them to be parameterized to meet specific customer needs
  • Complete, user-friendly environment. The chips are complemented with development platforms embedded within complete OEM evaluation kits

These features make the chips the perfect choice for those applications in which the sensing-perception-action flow has to be travelled in real-time and whenever system compactness, low-cost and low-power are mandatory.

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