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F.R.E.S.H. Integrated Circuits Ltd. Represents the Following Vendors:

Anafocus Spain

  • Custom Smart Image Sensors
  • Custom Vision Systems-on-Chip
  • Off-the-shelf CMOS Image Sensors

AnaFocus designs & manufacture advanced custom CMOS image sensors and Vision Systems-on-Chip for a variety of applications including Industrial, Scientific, Medical and Military. AnaFocus chips combine innovative and proprietary Si-proven components such as highly-sensitive smart pixels, high-speed & low-noise readout channels, microcontrollers and scalable mixed-signal image processors yielding best-in-class image quality and outstanding image analysis capability all-in-one-chip solution.

Digital Blocks IP USA cores address the following domains:

  • Embedded Processor & Peripherals
  • Display Controller, 2D Graphics, Display Link Layer
  • Video Signal & Image Processing
  • High-Speed Networking

Digital Blocks designs silicon-proven SystemVerilog / Verilog / VHDL IP cores for technology systems companies, bringing system-level expertise to each IP, thereby reducing the customerís development costs and significantly improving their time-to-volume goals.

eSilicon USA

  • VLSI Service provider
  • Memory IP's & Compilers
  • Avago ô SerDes Integrator

eSilicon is a Fabless Semiconductor company which provides a comprehensive suite of design, productization and manufacturing capabilities, thereby enabling a flexible, low-cost, low risk path to volume chip production.

GainSpan USA

GainSpan's ultra-low-power Wi-Fi, dual-core ARM SoC delivers industrial grade robustness and performance in a highly-integrated, low-cost device.

Mixel PHYís & SERDESís USA

  • MIPI PHYís
  • PLLís & DLLís.
  • SERDESís
  • PCI Express I , II & III

Leading provider of mixed-signal IP cores to the FSCís and OEMís for VLSI. Robust design for easy process migration. Silicon proven solutions

Northwest Logic Controllers USA

  • Memory Interface (DDR4/3/2/1, LPDDR2, Mobile DDR, RLDRAM 3 / II)
  • PCI Express Ė 3.0/ 2.1/ 1.1
  • PCI/PCI-X Solutions
  • MIPI

Leading provider of Digital Connectivity IPís. Solutions for both FPGA and ASIC. Design Services for IPís interconnections and on chip subsystem design

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